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Terms and Conditions

                                                                                                      TERMS AND CONDITIONS

                                                                                                      IMPORTANT DISCLOSURE

SUREADZ Terms and Conditions apply to both Free and Premium Members/Subscribers, Advertisers (Both Individual and Commercial Business). This is to confirm that you agree to the terms and conditions by registering to SUREADZ Multi-functional Internet Affiliate, Marketing and Advertising Website. SUREADZ Terms and Conditions may subject to change, or update without any further notice. Violation of the SUREADZ Terms and Conditions could result to account suspension, forfeiture of earning and promotions offered, and may lead to account termination.


  1. Subscribers or Members (Both Free and Premium), advertisers (Whether for Individual or Commercial Business Purpose) must provide accurate, correct and complete information. SUREADZ reserves the right to request verifying identity whom we do business with. Any forms of misrepresentation or fraud would result to account suspension or termination without any further notice.
  2. Subscribers or Members (Both Free and Premium), Advertisers (Whether Individual or Commercial Business Purpose), are only allowed to own one (1) registered SUREADZ registration or account.
  3. Subscribers or Members (Both Free and Premium), Advertisers (Whether Individual or Commercial Business Purpose) is limited to one (1) registration or sign per individual per household (including E-Mail), or commercial business entity or name.
  4. SUREADZ strictly does not allow usage of any forms of automated robot, or system to auto-click, surf or browse ads, webpages etc. This is a form of cheating. Violation of the SUREADZ Terms and Condition may result to either account suspension, or termination. 
  5. Subscribers or Members (Both Free and Premium), advertisers (Whether for Individual or Commercial Business Purpose) must at least 18 years of age, and must not be residing in any UN (United Nations) Sanctioned Country (Please see FAQ: WHO CAN ADVERTISE OR SUBSCRIBE Section 3 for list of Restricted Countries)
  6. Premium Subscribers/Members and Advertisers must submit at least one (1) scanned copy of a valid identification (Government Issued Identification), and should not be expired. Commercial Business Advertisers must also submit one (1) scanned copy of government issued business document or permit. For Philippines: SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) Certificate for Corporations or any type.
  7. SUREADZ premium upgrade process may take at least 1 to 3 Business Days.
  8. Acceptable forms of ID (Identification Card):


    •          Any Valid National ID (With a Valid Physical Address)
    •          Any Federal or State Issued ID (US Residents: If SSN (Social Security Number for US), SIN (Social Insurance Numberfor Canada) and                  TIN(Tax Identification Number) is present, you may mask or cover at least the first five (5) numbers for security reasons. 
    •          International Passport or Green Card (For Citizen’s that has dual citizenship)
    •          Driver’s License
    •          Valid School/University ID (For Students) or Valid Employer ID (Company ID)
    •          Alien Identification Card (May vary depending on country and it’s applicable laws)
    •          Passports


A. SUREADZ along with its affiliates. Any brand, logo or copyright appearing on the website is owned by its respective owners, whether by SUREADZ, Its Affiliates, or Advertisers. SUREADZ prohibits any unauthorized use or misrepresentation of its own respective brands, affiliates, clients, partners and advertisers. Any Misuse of SUREADZ intellectual property or brand, along with its Mother Company or Affiliates, copyright infringement committed by either a subscriber or a non-subscriber may result to either account suspension, termination, and may lead to legal actions.

B. SUREADZ carefully and strictly monitors marketing advertisements and promotions, to safeguard clients, partners and our business. SUREADZ does not allow any promotions or advertisements (whether offline or online) from the following:

1. Copyrighted Materials (Whether Books, E-Books, Audio or Music Files, Movies etc.)

2. Adult Material Content, Pornographic, Obsene and Any Kind of Explicit Materials.

3. Any Forms of Prohibited Drugs or Medicines, Tobacco and All Forms of Destructive Chemicals or Materials, that would cause harm to humans, animals, and to the environment.

4. Offensive and any other materials that shows discrimination, racism, defamation, destructive and negative statements against SUREADZ, it\\\'s afiliates, clients and partners.

5. Misleading or Deceiving Promotions, Advertisements and Materials (Ex: Internet and Investment Scams).

6. Materials that promote and sells fire arms, and any other mode of terrorism, war and any form of violence.

7. Websites and files that includes attachments that contain Malware and Viruses.

8. Any forms of Gambling.

In the event that a subscriber/advertiser fails to comply with the advertising terms and conditions, SUREADZ reserves the right to remove posted ads, and may suspend or terminate accounts due to promotion and advertising violation.

C.  SUREADZ promotions, rates, price and services offered to Subscribers/Members and Advertisers may subject to change without prior notice.

D. SUREADZ is a family friendly website, in which subscribers and advertisers must respect website viewers, members, clients, advertisers and partners. Any advertisements, promotions or posts that result to any forms of visual harassment, spamming, hacking, offensive, profane, defamation, discrimination, misrepresentation, mislead and fraud is strictly prohibited.  

E. Ads from SUREADZ can only be viewed after 24 hours.

F. SUREADZ prohibits advertisements that contain any form excessive pop-ups, malicious scripts and codes that may cause to harm systems.

  1. The Website must not have any “Frame Breakers”.
  2. The Website must not exceed 1 Pop-Up/Pop-Under Limit.
  3. The Website must not contain any prompts, such as “Download Dialogs or Confirmation Alerts”.
  4. The Website’s single Pop-Up/Pop-Under must not open any new window.
  5. The Website’s single Pop-Up/Pop-Under must not break any of the above terms.

G. Advertisers/members may advertise other similar affiliate websites, fan page, and promote other social media sites provided that it meets the SURE ADZ International Terms and Conditions. 


A.  SUREADZ free subscription is only valid for 30 calendar days. Free subscriptions are automatically suspended due to inactivity for more than 30 calendar days, and will be automatically removed after 90 calendar days.

B. SUREADZ Advertisements like Paid to Click (PTC), Paid to Promote (PTP) etc., can only be viewed one at a time.

C. Please note that Premium Subscribers/Members and Paid Advertiser Subscriptions are more prioritized in our part to cater their paid subscriptions and purchases. Minimum withdrawal amount is around or either $5 to $20. Any withdrawal request less than set will be automatically declined by the system.

D. Standard processing timeframe for withdrawal requests is 7 to 10 Business Days, and may take up to 14 Business Days. Withdrawal and payment request can only be requested once (1) in a business day.

E. SUREADZ does not allow member access to VPN and Proxy Server.

F. SUREADZ only authorized payments and withdrawal options and methods listed on the website FAQ. SUREADZ is not held liable for any missing/misapplied payments or funds withdrawal requested, due to deposits or payment method made to another individual or person not authorized by SUREADZ. We wish to advice subscribers and advertisers to be very carefully when submitting transaction requests.

G. SUREADZ processing timeframe is observed in Pacific Business Time and Date (Does not include Weekends and Legal, Special Non-Working and Government Declared Holidays).

H. SUREADZ does not cover any TAX related payments from subscriber and advertiser generated earnings from SUREADZ. Subscribers and Advertisers are held responsible for Tax Related Payments. You may seek advice outside to a local Certified Public Accountant, or TAX Analyst. Majosity of charges are from the payment portals you are using.

I. Purchase from Premium Upgrade Subscription, Advertising Credits and Rented Referrals are Non-Refundable, unless if it’s resulted from Hacking, Fraud or Identity Theft.  

J. PAYPAL Payment Terms and Condition:

  •   All PayPal Transactions that includes payment on products, services, upgrades, memberships and any other transactions related to SURE ADZ business must have required notes on the transaction. This is required by PayPal due to security reasons.
  •   The note highlighted and listed below should be indicated upon transacting using PayPal:

     “No shipping required. This is not a payment for goods or merchandise. This is for CASH owed from J. Panarigan. No dispute or chargeback.      This transaction is guaranteed safe and authorized”.

  •   SURE ADZ strictly requires this note for every transaction that members/advertisers will do using PayPal. SURE ADZ International may cancel or refund your payment once the note above is has not been included on the said transaction.

4. Suspension and Termination of Membership:SURE ADZ International reserves the right to either temporarily suspend or terminate a membership without any refund due to following reasons/violations:

  1. Fraudulent or Proven Suspicious Accounts.
  2. Misrepresentation of a Members or Advertisers Identity (Example: Fake ID)
  3. Attempt to Hack SURE ADZ or Simply Hacking.
  4. Fake Accounts.
  5. Multiple Accounts under a single member or advertiser.
  6. Free Member Dormant Accounts (Non-Premium Members) - Account that has been inactive for at least “30 Calendar Days (1 Month)” will be suspended, and will be automatically terminated after 90 Calendar Days.
  7. Any Kind or Form of Cheating that may threaten or disrupt SURE ADZ International Business and its Members and Advertisers:
  • Using an Emulator, Automated Software or Robot to automatically click ads even without the presence of the member, or advertiser.
  • This may prevent and cause interference, on SURE ADZ International optimum security and reliability.
  • SURE ADZ International uses an “Anti-Cheat System” that detects any forms of cheating and malicious activities.
  1. Non-Compliance of Advertising Terms – Provided that a member, or advertiser that still did not comply on warning given by SURE ADZ International on the “2nd Instance”.
  2. Dormant Accounts – Means that accounts that does not have any activity for a specific period of time. This includes but not limited to any one (1) of the following:
    1. Viewing/Clicking Ads.
    2. Purchase of Ad Credits.
    3. Withdrawal Request.
    4. Referrals.
    5. And other valid account activities.


SUREADZ Fusion Int. Ltd. is a FREE Advertising Site for everyone. We already have Turn Key System for everyone you can now Post and Boost your Business, Website, Products, Services, Blogs or Affiliate Links using your account balance which can be use to purchase SUREADZ Items, Products, Ads Credits and Services. SUREADZ FUSION and its affiliates expressly disclaim all liability in respect to actions taken or not taken based on any or all the contents of this site or information. SUREADZ FUSION is not liable for any misinterpretation of all details in our sites,advertisers and affiliates. SUREADZ is not a get rich quick scheme, MLM, nor HYIP. Users should carefully consider whether SUREADZ suits their needs, financial resources and personal circumstances. SUREADZ Fusion Int. Ltd. is not responsible for losses caused by outages, network volatility, wallet forks/maintenance or market conditions, advertisers or publishers products and services offered. We are only pure advertising portal and the earnings from our site and members are from share revenues from the company and the members or their purchases and we dont have any investment offers in any kind. We don't have any company partners unless announced by us and we post official press releases. Beware of those using our site that they said and claiming they own SUREADZ and using SUREADZ in their outside business activities or any kind that compromises the name of SUREADZ. You are responsible for the websites, ADS, programs you are joining. Take note that requirements to request a payout or withdraw is to Submit atleast a Valid ID for verification purpose of withdraw claims if needed. FREE Members are advised to upgrade to Premium membership if they want to unlock and maximized the benefits and earnings potential of their accounts. We Prioritize PREMIUM MEMBERS and those PEOPLE whose understand the business in good ways.